Are you ready to step into more wellness?

If so, let's bring a dose of holistic wellness into your year with the Wellness Grid.

This powerful method of cultivating wellness will keep you anchored in your mind, body and soul's desires for years to come.

The 40-minute instruction video included uses coaching and education to show you how to set up a wellness plan (grid).

It's fun, interactive and exercises both the left and right brain. I've also included a short meditation for you.

Whether you need a tool for your own wellness, or for your own clients, this session will set you up for success.

If you've struggled with new years goal setting, resolutions or intentions, or seeking to really level up this year, this innovative and easy to use tool is for you!

What the session includes:

  • What is a wellness grid?
  • Why is a wellness grid crucial for 2021and beyond?
  • A Self Assessment- Your Holistic Overview
  • A guided meditation
  • How to plan it out (and have fun doing it!)
  • A worksheet and email materials to support you

Ready to create a year that’s rooted in wellness?

( PS... It's only $21)